Voisins Rouge, 2016

Voisins Rouge, 2016


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Wine Maker  Jean-Yves Peron
Region  Savoie, France
Grape  Carignan, Cabernet France
Colour  Red
Size  750ml 
Year  2016

Taste Note
Big bottle of this fruity and surprisingly easy-drinking wine from JYP
About Jean-Yves Peron  
Conflans - Haute-Savoie
Seeing the steep valleys of the Haute-Savoie, the alps looming in the background, and feeling the alpine freshness in the air it is hard not to marvel that some intrepid winemakers are sticking it out on these slopes.
Jean-Yves, a Savoyard, is one of these. He now has around 1.5 hectares of tiny parcels which he vinifies separately – the Jacquere, Altesse, Rousanne and Mondeuse vividly expressing the details of the soil and the coolness of the alpine climate. Jean-Yves chooses to ferment in whole bunches for his white and red grapes but for varying amounts of times. The results are extraordinary.