Weinland Family Reunion White, 2016

Weinland Family Reunion White, 2016


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Wine Maker  Gut Oggau 
Region  Burgenland, Austria
Grape  Gruner Vetliner, Pinot Blanc
Colour  White
Size  750ml
Year  2016 

Taste Note
Grapes are hand-harvested. The wine is partly fermented on the skins in wooden vats, the rest is fermented in wooden barrels. Then the wine is aged in wooden barrels.

About Family Reunion
2016 has been a vintage to remember for Stephanie and Eduard. Spring brought them heavy frosts and hailstorms happened during the summer. Autumn by contrast was peaceful, forgiving, and warm, and in the end, delivered them tiny amounts but amazing qualities of grapes. To let their wines take it all in and tell the story of the year through their complex characters, they decided to let their family members united, to go for a family reunion. Cumulative energy-focused strength and collective finesse. The Spirit of youth and the wisdom of maturity united. This unique bottling tells the story of a year in the vineyards.