Welschriesling vom Opok 2017

Welschriesling vom Opok 2017


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Wine Maker  Weingut  Werlitsch  
Region Weinland, Austria
Grape  Welschriesling   
Colour  White
Size  750ml
Year  2017

With its recognisable label, Weingut Werlitsch has become a staple in many wine bars and restaurants around the world. One of the first few winemakers in his region, Styria, Ewald Tscheppe converted to bio-dynamic farming in the early 2000s. With is distinct soil, the Opok the wines gain an unmistakable depth. The light smokiness and herbaceous aromatics are found in all his wines almost giving it a trademark style and complexity. 

Notes of lemon and green apples with an aromatic floral nose. The high acidity lifts the perfumed floral notes giving it a young and fresh character with a light effervescence. Welschriesling has technically nothing in common with the more known Riesling, neither is it welsh. Nonetheless, it is an interesting variety that is worth exploring. 

Words by Newcomer Wines