Rakete 2020

Rakete 2020


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Wine Maker  Jutta Ambrositsch 
Region  Weiner, Austria   
Grape  Zweigelt, Sankt Laurent, Blauburger, Merlot, Gemischter Satz
Colour  Rose
Size  750ml
Year  2020

Jutta Ambrositsch

In 2005 Jutta Kalchbrenner (formerly Ambrositsch) decided to make a dramatic career change and left her job as a graphic designer to make traditionally inspired wines from old vine parcels in the middle of Austria's capital, Vienna. The city is particularly famous for its historic field blends known as ‘Gemischter Satz’. Most of Jutta's wines are blends or field blends inspired by this Viennese tradition, and her goal is to always put terroir first. Despite not working under certification, she has been working organically for now more than 10 years. Together with husband Marco as well as Fox Terrier 'Edgar’, Jutta today runs a total of four hectares including the well- known Viennese Crus like Rosengartel within the renowned Nussberg appellation. Besides making wine, Jutta and Marco run one of Vienna's most popular 'pop-up' Buschenschank (Viennese traditional wine tavern) where they serve their own wine alongside snacks and delicious delicatessen from closely related friends and artisans in the area. Her wines are best characterized by Marco's witty descriptions like 'Last year, the vineyards in Vienna’s 21st district decided to bring a neighbouring vineyard friend on board the far from full boat of the Satellit. And because they understood each other so well, they were also harvested together, fermented together and - ta- dah! - the Satellit has put on a little weight. Grüner Veltliner, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay cut a dazzlingly good-humoured Miss Piggy out of old Stammersdorfer vine-stock. So to speak. There’s yellow fruit, orange fruit, there’s substance and length, honey, herbs; in brief: the Satellit stands more for the rubber boots of central France rather than the stilettos of north- eastern Europe. Bisamberg with beret.' Words by Newcomer Wines