Pas De Velours 2018

Pas De Velours 2018


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Wine Maker  Christophe Lindenlaub
Region  Alsace, France
Grape  Red 
Colour  Pinot Noir 
Size  750ml
Year  2018 

Taste Note
Pinot noir grapes macerated for 10 days in whole bunches. Light on its feet, and a perfect balance of autumnal berries and an earthiness that can only ever be associated to Pinot from Alsace. A triumph of balance.  


About Christophe Lindenlaub  The Lindenlaub family has been making wine in the northern Alsace town of Dorlisheim for over 200 years, with Christophe the latest in line to take over the historic domaine. Over the past decade he has worked tirelessly to convert their 12ha to organics and since 2012 has been making some of the most standout zero-addition wines of the region. 

The vineyards consist mainly of clay and limestone soil, some with a sandstone sub-layer, with vines mostly aged between 30 and 60 years. The focus has been to harness the potential of these sites, and so, as well as a move away from chemical intervention in the vineyard and cellar, Christophe has elected to use mainly stainless steel for elevage as a means to further define the freshness and precision in the wines.

Much like their maker, each cuvée bursts with energy. At the core of every one is a strong line of acidity underpinned by a deep salinity on the palate - you could call this Christophe’s trademark. Even the more aromatic varieties posses the same quality, giving exceptional length and refreshment. 

Despite having zero additions the wines are remarkably stable and hold up very well open over a couple of days. 


Words by Beattie& Roberts